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Chance favors the prepared mind

Jan 6, 2012 - 1 minute read


Welcome to my personal blog! I had an idea of creating personal blog for a very long time. However, I was always lazy to do so.

When I was looking for some blogging engine, I realized that none of the major ones suited me. So I started to experiment with various setups and then I discovered jekyll, which is static blog generator. I like the idea of having a blog completely stored in version control of my choice and served as static pages. Later I found Octopress, which can be described as ``jekyll on steroids''. It is much easier to deploy, it integrates many 3rd party plugins for Twitter, Disquis comments, Google Analytics and other services. It uses HTML 5 template and interface is optimized for viewing on mobile phones. It has everything modern blogging platform should have.

So again welcome to my blog and happy reading.